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Vocal Training

For over 30 years, Soundcheck Artists has been offering singing lessons to beginners through professional vocalists. Staying on top of the latest research and trends in teaching, we offer singers, musicians, songwriters, and actors/actresses with the ability to progress quickly while maintaining a healthy, powerful and flexible voice.

Over the last decade, scientific breakthroughs in vocal science have debunked many myths on how the voice works. We now understand that all singers can produce all sounds and sing all styles in a healthy way. Using diagrams, videos, and models, we are able to give our students an understanding of voice production and avoid months of wasted training. In our singing lessons, results are immediate, so singers don't have to go through years of training based on out-of-date ideas and direction.

We are proud of all of our students' success, from those who sing only for fun to those who have millions of fans. For more information on vocal training and other programs, contact us.

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Instrumental Training

Beyond vocal training, Soundcheck Artists offers piano and keyboard, guitar, and songwriting lessons to musicians (and singers) who want to learn to accompany themselves or produce their own music. Our curriculum has students accompanying themselves from the very first lesson. If they practice and follow our Soundcheck method, most students find themselves singing and playing with competence within the very first month.  

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Artist Development

For people of all ages who want a career in the entertainment industry, Soundcheck Artists offers  an intensive Artist Development program, where students receive training and consultation to establish a firm foundation for entry into the the big, bad world of entertainment.

Our Artist Development graduates can be seen shows like The Voice, The Four, American Idol, Grey’s Anatomy, The Originals, Young Sheldon and more.

So, why wait? Get started by clicking below or giving us a call at: 310.460.8090. 

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What They're Saying About Us ...


Students Come First

All of our students feel like rock stars, because we make sure our lessons are both academically enriching AND energetically FUN!

Organized Lessons

We provide clear lesson plans for all our programs complete with goals, achievement levels and performances.

Proven Curriculum

We use song based curriculum, so our students learn the songs they love while achieving the academic benefits.

Limited Enrollment

We don’t overbook our staff. Once you are enrolled with Soundcheck Artists, you get the full benefit of our programs and energy.



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