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Let’s face it, times are changing. In 2010, the top three careers of choice for young people were Doctor, Teacher, and Lawyer. In 2018, it became Vlogger, Pop Star, and Actor. The days when kids are dragged kicking and screaming to their after-school lessons are over like MySpace. Today, future Selena Gomezes and Ryan Goslings are Speedy Gonzalesing it to their nearest performing arts academies for training.

An arts education The Soundcheck Way, teaches so much more than how to sing, play an instrument, or perform a scene. In every one of our lessons, we teach goal setting, positive self-talk, and communication. We inspire curiosity, the importance of a strong work ethic, and a “No-Limits” attitude that produces Superstars on the radio, in television and film, AND in life.

You may be thinking to yourself, “Really?”

Yes, really. It’s impossible to understand  The Soundcheck Way unless you experience it yourself. Hit us up for a free consultation by clicking below. Let us know how we can help you achieve your, or your special someone's, dreams.

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Students Come First

All of our students feel like rock stars, because we make sure our lessons are both fun and enriching.

Organized Lessons

We provide a clear lesson plan complete with goals, achievement levels and performances.

Proven Curriculum

We use a song based curriculum, so our students learn the songs they love while they get the academic benefits of music.

Limited Enrollment

We don’t overbook our staff. Once you are enrolled with Soundcheck Artists, you get the full benefit of our energy.


Artist Development

For those students who want a career in the Entertainment Industry, Soundcheck Artists offers Artist Development, an intensive program where students receive training and consultation to establish a firm foundation for entry into the Entertainment Industry. Our Artist Development graduates can be seen shows like The Voice, The Four, American Idol, Grey’s Anatomy, The Originals, Young Sheldon and more.

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